A single-storey cellar Architectes Du Vin

Any place can become a good cellar, and could be transformed into a cellar of wine storage if you know how to take it.

Why a single-storey cellar?

First of all, its practicability – we are not obliged to “go down to the cellar”; its easy access, one can easily search for a new bottle and avoid getting out to go to the cellar. Therefore it’s getting more pleasant to store the wine there.

Secondly, its easy access lets carry hard wood boxes and cases during storage more comfortably.

Where to create a single-storey cellar?

It is preferable to select Nord and/or East orientation for the surrounding walls if we select to joint it against the exterior walls.

We often build a single-storey cellar in a corner of the garage or we use a part of the garage (the bottom) which will intend for this for now, it can be also a kitchen corner, a cupboard, a garden shelter, not usable room…

How to do it?

Once the location is determined, it is necessary from the beginning and before its creation to think about its storage units.

Actually; it sounds absurd to be unable to store the wine correctly because of lack of 1 or 2 cm It is necessary to work on the storage units (see section Equip your cellar) and then to adjust the cellar to the right dimensions according to its possibilities.

-To study the insulation, to choose the insulated door, to think over the ground, to cover the concrete with gravel, gratings, or if you have a chance to have a clay floor you should take precautions in order to protect it.

– Electricity, cables lay out, clean power supply for the air conditioner (if possible with a differential on the electrical panel) waterproof light switch, and always an additional waterproof plug also, just in case.

-Choose your air conditioner, install condensate evacuation.

To be avoided

Sharing the cellar is often a necessity, it is also a point of negotiation.  It can be partially used as a pantry provided that certain vegetables such as onions, leeks, garlic … are absolutely prohibited. On the other hand welcome the jams, preserves and jars.

Roting vegetable can very easily impregnate both underground, traditional or single-storey wine cellar.

Our company

Since 1996 our company does the cellars, our services range starts with design and cellar creation consulting (drawing up plans in 3D, side drawings), site monitoring, but also we ensure complete realization, walls, electricity, insulation, air conditioning, decoration and furniture equipping.

Our services abroad take often 30% of our turnover.

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