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Why to install air-conditioning in the cellar? In order to ageing well the wine needs stability and darkness, absence of vibration; a constant temperature and a reliable hygrometry.

The ideal temperature is 12 °. Note that all wines are preserved at the same temperature. Simply the temperatures of consumption will be different.

The necessity for cellar air conditioning arises when the temperature variations are too great or very sudden or even both, or if the humidity is less than 55%.

Why 55% of hygrometry? Simply because below 50% the cork has a high chance of drying out.

The air conditioner will reproduce the conditions of a real cellar in the rock.  For this purposes it is necessary to dimension it and to position it well

  • Select an appropriate size

First of all you must take the dimensions of the room and find the volume (Length x width x height)
To take into account its insulation; the ideal is an extruded polystyrene of 6 cm put on the 4 walls + the ceiling

Have a look at the entrance door and think about its insulation, either by covering it with extruded polystyrene or by purchasing an insulated door;

Acquire a hygrometer-thermometer and check for the temperature and humidity variations over one or two months, ideally at the beginning of the heat in May / June or cold time in December / February.

Thus we have the perfect preliminary conditions in order to foresee the air conditioning of a traditional wine cellar.

Choose your cellar air conditioner and position it well;

There are 6 types of cellar air conditioners on the market.

  • The wall air conditioner: it will be installed in the wall of the cellar and will carry out its  calories exchange with an adjacent room. Therefore there will be the transfer of excessive heat from the cellar into the adjacent room. In order to have a good exchange, the volume of the adjacent room must be greater than the volume of the cellar.
  • The air conditioner located inside of the cellar but whose exchange will be done directly to the outside.  The exchange will therefore be contiguous to the cellar
  • The “split” air conditioner, it offers the possibility of a distance between the evaporator (cellar side) generally located in flush-fitting ceiling light, and the condenser located outside. The connection is done by means of a refrigerant connection.
  • The door-mounted air conditioner is located into an insulated door and makes its exchange with an adjacent room or a corridor.  In order to have a good exchange, the volume of the adjacent room or the corridor must be greater than the volume of the cellar.
  • The duct air conditioner, it’s in split, the exchanger is in an adjacent room or in a false ceiling and two sheaths (one for blowing out and another one for air intake) ensure the air conditioning of the wine cellar.
  • The “multi” air conditioner offers all the possibilities, positioning in the wall, positioning and exchange in an adjacent room while conditioning the cellar at a distance through two ducts (one for blowing out and another one for air intake) but also offers the possibility through 2 other ducts to do an exchange outside. No need for a outside condenser or split connections.

To set the air conditioner correctly

Your air conditioner must be put in the place closest to the center of the room, where the configuration allows a good air circulation.

Good hygrometry

All the air conditioners dry out, this is the principle of an air conditioning. The cellar air-conditioner generally has a condensate collecting tank and a system for evacuation of the overflows, if the device is well designed the tank is created  for a given volume.

Some devices allow to obtain a controlled humidity, for this purposes it’s necessary to have in advance a water intake to make contributions and also an evacuation. The electronic control will adjust the humidity according to the requested programming.

We offer a complete range of cellar air conditioners:

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

The model R880 (880 w) is a monoblock of reduced dimensions:  Length 39.4 cm x depth 39 cm x height 23.2 cm. Relatively silent, its “compactness” offers many positioning solutions as for instance over a door.

The air conditioner located inside of the cellar but whose exchange will be done directly to the outside.

We distribute 2 products- one made by Fondis “Win in 25” and two models made by Friax- “MPC 25” and “MPC 48”;

Split Conditioner

Taking into account that on the market we saw a device offering all the possibilities of air conditioning up to 48 m3, we reserve the split, the ductwork for the volumes bigger than 48 m3 or for specific applications where the engine can not be installed in an adjacent room.

The door-mounted air conditioner

Nowadays, only one brand diffuses this type of air conditioner and it is integrated directly into a door.

« Multi » Conditioner

It revolutionized the approach of air conditioning in a cellar, because a single device offers all possibilities, in / out with or without controlled humidity, reversible or not.

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