Cellar door Architectes Du Vin

The choice of the cellar door is essential. Besides its aestheticism, it contributes to the insulation of your cellar, and keeps the temperature constant.

Its level of equipment can vary according to your needs, simple isothermal door, isothermal steel door with 3 secured points, the glass doors or wood ones.

Making your choice you have to combine in your cellar door aesthetics, security, insulation, and different kind of materials.

In order to limit the costs, we present standard dimensions for each model. The doors made of steel, of wood and of glass can be custom-made.

The door must be able to go together with the  floor nature of the cellar.  It is preferable to provide for a door with a doorstep. This doorstep let us to put the gravels on the ground, the gratings or others, and thus to avoid bringing gravels into the adjacent room, for instance.

As for steel doors, we propose at your choice the simple isothermal  aluminium door with extruded polystyrene, like a “sandwich”, the steel door (on your request we can vary the thickness of the sheet), with extruded polystyrene between 2 sheets.

For glass doors, we have a standard door and custom glass doors with or without frames (steel or stainless) type of glazing: 44/2.

For wooden doors we have the same approach with standard doors and traditional oak doors with latch and / or lock, custom- made, with or without rounding.

Regularly, on request, in order to ensure more of security we create  a grid and install it in front of the door.

We can integrate in it air inlets, 3-point locks, reinforcement points.

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