First and foremost, the first question to ask yourself is what is the purpose of one’s cellar:

  • A cellar for hosting friends: the cellar space will be more or less vast with a presentation that shows off your finest vintages.  You will emphasize friendliness, by installing a bar, table, barrel, bar stools and decorative accessories.
  • A pure and simple storage cellar: you will emphasize quantity, working with the available space, or the art of storing the maximum number of bottles in minimum space.
  • A hybrid cellar, which you visit occasionally with a friend and emphasize both the pleasure of being there and the storage space, not ignoring the opportunity to show off a few bottles and the congenial atmosphere among cases of wine…
  • A wine cellar, an underground cellar, a traditional cellar where tradition is truly on display.


Storage units

Wine needs stability, ventilation and a vibration-free environment.  The storage space will conform to the type of cellar we desire, but also take into account the three imperatives, without forgetting the relationship between available space/capacity per m², and also without ignoring the cost.


Several solutions are available to you:

Storage units in concrete or “comparable” (mixing of concrete + polystyrene beads to make it lighter), to reconstituted stone.

Although heavy, concrete ensures overall stability and relatively speaking absorbs vibrations depending on the composition; but rubber buffers or anti-vibration feet can limit vibrations.  The inconvenience is the heavy weight, and therefore, the difficulty in assembly. Concrete is insensitive to relative humidity, or rising water if your cellar is flood-prone.

– Wood storage units, single depth (one bottle) or double depth (two bottles turned neck to neck).  Storage units in wood by nature are sensitive to relative humidity (do not use if relative humidity is above 80% or if there is risk of flooding).  Wood storage units will limit vibration and will be stable if they are well designed.

Steel storage units are used more and more for showcasing bottles, old crates are less used for storage; steel may be weakened at the weld joints, and is sometimes relatively unstable.


We can mix storage units, using concrete on the bottom for humidity problems, and wood on top, whether double or singe depth, whether wood and steel or other material.  Our storage units all have a depth equal to or greater than 30 cm, which means your bottles are therefore protected. In the last 3 years we have developed our own range of cellar storage units with our Cavexpert brand


Our storage units


Cavexpert Tradition

The Cavexpert Tradition allows for simple assembly using 3 lengths of board (100 cm, 60 cm, and corners) for center and lateral panels and vaults to complete the assembly.

With a depth of 35 cm, it is ribbed to ensure the stability of bottles.  It is designed with lightweight concrete, assembly is simple and is done with interlocking pieces. It’s available in three colors: white, deep burgundy and black.


Cavexpert Solid Wood

The Cavexpert Solid Wood offers the possibility of adapting it to any wall.

Each model is made up of a standard height of 200 cm with a thickness of 3.2 cm, depth of 50 cm and 6 racks of 35 cm long each where bottles are stored in double depth.  The racks are fixed

The design of the latest module of Cavexpert Solid Wood makes it possible to vary the width of the column.


Cavexpert design

The Cavexpert Design is in waxed concrete. It’s made up of 60 cm slabs with a depth of 30 cm, and standard elements that serve as both center panels and lateral panels. With an appealing design, it offers very pure and simple storage.  It’s available in three colors: white, deep burgundy and black.


Cavexpert duo

Cavexpert Duo is a mixture of waxed concrete and wood.  The central and lateral panels are in waxed concrete; the bottle racks are in wood. The racks come in modules of 60 cm with a height of 25 cm and depth of 30 cm.


Cavexpert Michel Palliser

This unit is designed by Michel Palliser, it is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) modules totally independent from each other.

Height – 200 cm, length – 57 cm, depth – 41 cm.  We stock the bottles double depth. The module is mounted on 4 anti-vibration legs with adjustable height to ensure both levelness and good stability. It also benefits from an air circulation system.  Two racks are fixed to ensure overall stability while the others are adjustable in height according to your needs for a capacity of 200 bottles.


Sliding wood storage units, double depth.

Height – 183 cm, length – 55 cm, depth – 53 cm. Two lateral panels in wood and a set of sliding racks on rollers allowing for placement of bottles individually in positions cut out in the wood.  The wood racks absorb vibrations.  Very logical, this storage unit will make optimal use of your cellar.  Each tower of 7 racks may hold up to 240 bottles.  5 types of racks are available.


Wood storage units, single depth.

Height – 183 cm, length – 38 cm, depth – 33 cm.  Two lateral panels in MDF wood; 6 shelves and 2 diagonals, storing capacity is 80 bottles per a tower.


Cavicase storage units

Height – 70 cm, length – 40.3 cm, depth – 54 cm. This is a small module in MDF composed of 3 shelves, on 4 footings that are both height adjustable and anti-vibration. You may superimpose one on top of the other. Each shelf may be plain or pre-formed, with either 2 sliding racks that hold 6 bottles or one rack for a wooden case.


Wintower storage unit

The Wintower system is based on a very small number of standard pieces:

  • 8 basic pieces compose an ensemble in 33 cm (one bottle) or 53 cm (two bottles) depth  (5 racks + 3 panels)
  • 3 different heights (98 cm, 139 cm, 193 cm) available in lateral and center panels;

There is a choice among 5 racks: for a single bottle, for a single champaign or magnum bottle, for 3 bottles, for 4 bottles, and for 6 bottles.

The panels are slotted every 2 cm, which offers the possibility of optimal storage with a dovetail system that ensures stability and prevents movement.  Rigidity is reinforced with metal rods that are screwed into the back of the unit


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Steel presentation storage unit

A set of racks for showcasing bottles.  Height 200 cm x width 50 cm x depth 6.5 cm in stainless steel.  Right-hand rack for 22 classic bottles or for 18 champagne bottles; same for the left-hand rack.

Rack with alternating rows for 43 classic bottles or for 36 champagne bottles.

This system exists in different heights and in double depth.


Steel basket storage unit

This type of storage unit presents bottles in individual baskets superimposed one on top of the other.  The baskets are fixed thanks to fixtures on the ceiling or the wall.

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