Cellar trap doors Architectes Du Vin

We offer a complete range of cellar trap doors:

As for references we propose 2 standard sizes 180 × 80 or 100 × 100.


Besides these 2 standard sizes, we commercialize all our trap doors with your measurements.


We equip them all with standard gas strut opening system (except for the Galva and plywood boards), you have also the possibility to equip your trap door with an electric strut system instead of gas ones, controlled by push button and / or Remote control.


Here are our various trap doors


Wooden trapdoor = Wooden trapdoor plywood boards, oak trapdoor.

Steel trapdoor = Galva trapdoor, aluminium, steel, steel isothermic trapdoor, 3-point steel safety isotherm trapdoor, stainless steel trapdoor.

Tile trapdoor = Strut system will be calculated according to the weight of the tile that should be communicated by the customer.

Glass trapdoor  = Glass trapdoor public institutions, or for private persons.

Exterior isothermal trapdoor

Glass panel


Cellar stairs


We realize 2 types of standard stairs

  • Galvanized staircase with 11-steps ramp
  • Design stairs in wooden and steel with 11 steps ramp,

But also any type of custom-made staircase in order to access your wine cellar, with or without landing

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