To store your cases Architectes Du Vin

Many people prefer to leave their wine in cases, the motivation is different:

  • Too much wine to store
  • Simplicity of labelling
  • Resale Facility
  • Easy to store
  • Aesthetics

All these reasons make keeping that some cases are essential elements in a wine cellar. One of our customers told us with humour and the love for a good wine “I’m lazy to store my wine so I always buy it in wooden cases, it’s practical, there is a name of the castle, I add the year and when the case is empty I buy another one”


We have two types of storage for your cases:


Cavicase storage units

Height – 70 cm, length – 40.3 cm, depth – 54 cm. This is a small module in MDF composed of 3 shelves, on 4 footings that are both height adjustable and anti-vibration. You may superimpose one on top of the other and thus rise to 210 cm in height.

Each shelf contains a case In order to facilitate handling, sliding shelves for case on each shelf make it easy to catch.


Wintower storage unit

The Wintower system is based on a very small number of standard pieces: It makes possible to store the boxes on the shelves of 6 bottles widthwise with a depth of 33 cm, and in-depth for the shelves of 53 cm.


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