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An underground cellar was once the traditional way of wine keeping.  The earth has a relatively constant temperature and it limits the effects of temperature variations. Nowadays new constructions haven’t often a cellar or even  a space for the cellars.

An underground cellar is installed more often as a part of a house extension, under a terrace, a veranda ..


We offer three types of cellar:


  • Custom-made underground cellar

We carry out the whole scope of works: earthworks; the bed,  waterproofing works, the insulation, the accessibility, the electricity … We take care of all the works if you wish.

  • Tasting areas.

They are made of water-repellent concrete, cast in one piece, armed and vibrated, it is the best guarantee against water infiltration, you can let you to have a cellar even if the water is close.


We offer 4 dimensions:

« La Lauréate » : L 250 x l 250 x h 230 / Weight:  8,2 tons
« La Terroir » : L 340 x l 250 x h 240 / Weight: 9,7 tons
« L’abondance » : L 422 x l 255 x h 240 / Weight: 12,5 tons
« La Terroir » : L 522 x l 255 x h 240 / Weight: 14,5 tons


Technical characteristics common to our models:

– Four lifting rings

– Two air inlets

– A space for trap door 180 x 80

– Two electrical reservations


  • The areas “arched cellar”

Discover without delay our possibilities of  magnificent arched wine cellars realization.  Add another room to your living space and enjoy a cozy space where you can welcome your friends, organize the receptions and of course to store what you desire, everything in excellent conditions.

We currently offer  4 modèles of arched underground cellars:

« La Traditionnelle »           

« La Cépage »

« La Grands Crus »          

« La Millésime »


Our four arched wine cellars are grouped around the following common standards:

Prefabricated cellar composed of half-arched elements of 1.55 meters wide, poured in cement; measured at 350 kg per m3.

– Appearance of old natural stones

– Elements juxtaposed and joined by two threaded galvanized rods of 20 mm diameter

– Prefabricated arches supporting the juxtaposed elements

Finishing by the white cement joints on the polystyrene compressed  vaults of 10 cm of thickness

– Felting of the whole construction and drainage of Ø 100, if necessary

– Lifting rings and air inlets (2)

– Number of electric reservations of your choice

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