Our company was founded in 1996. We specialize in the design, creation, and realization of wine cellars both in France and abroad (Western and Eastern Europe, Africa).

We know the ideal conditions of preservation and ageing of your wines and we have been implementing them for years in our projects.

In order to have an ideal cellar five conditions must be imperatively met:

– Temperature: a temperature between 12 and 16 ° without significant variations

Hygrometry: a hygrometry between 60 and 85%.

  • Vibration: a total absence of vibration.  The wines must to have a rest.
  • Light: UV rays is a factor of ageing acceleration, the darkness is needed.
  • Ventilation: it is necessary to have a small ventilation with two inlets, one is below and another one in the upper part in order to promote the circulation, and to avoid the formation of micro-organisms, another solution is a cellar air-conditioner which besides the temperature of the cellar will carry out its ventilation also.

The cellar must be a clean place even if it is decorated with a few spider’s web… the pledge of good hygrometry.

Our customers are individuals, companies, administrations, restaurants, wine bars, hotels and wine shops. We design and create cellars for wine conservation from 150 to several thousand bottles.

We are distributors of various cellar furniture, and we have developed our own range of standard furniture under the brand Cavexpert, we also realize custom-made cellar furniture.

With your measurements we create wine cabinets, glass-walled areas for conservation.
We realize your cellar with our teams or, depending on the local possibilities – with local partners.

Within our structure we have an interior designer, an assembly team in Ile-de-France, and another one in Brittany.